Roadhouse Rib Slow Cooker Sauce

This all natural rib sauce was born by us two cowgirls at  a West Texas BBQ festival.  Attendees were lapping up our pork ribs.  You shoulda seen their faces!   Smoky with Southwestern spices and a hint of citrus.   This sauce is tasty on both beef and portk ribs.  Just place your ribs in the bottom of the slow cooker, pour the sauce over the ribs.  Cover, set dial to low and 6-8 hours later dinner is ready! 

Perfect for families who want to spend more time together than hours cooking in the kitchen and for those juggling busy careers who still want a good, all-natural home cooked meal.

Use the leftovers for tacos, pulled pork or beef sandwiches.


32 oz.

  • 32 oz.:
Roadhouse Rib Slow Cooker Sauce
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